Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Does it hurt?
A. Everyone has their own pain tolerance.  It doesn't hurt as much as being hit by a paintball or a number of other items.  If you're concerned we recommend that you wear a hoody, jeans and bring gloves.

Q. What age do I have to be to play?
A.  To participate in gaming at The Armory you must be over 10 years of age.  Participants aged under 18 years are required to have the Parental Consent section of our disclaimer form completed by a parent.  An adult must stay on site for children 14 years of age and under.

Q. Is there somewhere I can sit and eat?
A. You may bring your own food and drink and if you're having a birthday party we have an area outside which is ideal in the warm dry months or upstairs in our viewing platform where you can sit & eat. The Pizza delivery companies must know how to get here on auto pilot by now.

Q. Do I need to book?
A. If you have your own gear there is no need to book for Battlestrike sessions.  Anything outside of this and it is necessary to book.

Q. What is your FPS limit?
A. Our FPS limit is 395FPS tested on 0.20 BB's.  Remember this is a limit not a goal and you may be requested by The Armory staff to reduce your FPS when you next attend or immediately if you are on the cusp of the limit.  The majority of players have their CQB guns firing below 350 FPS.  The highest weight BB you can use at our facility is 0.25.

Q. Do you supply clothes?
A.  We have a retail store where you can purchase uniforms but we do not provide clothing with our rentals as there is no paint splatter like Paintball.  If you're looking to go out afterwards we would recommend a change of clothes as you'll be sweating from the exercise and adrenalin from the action in the arena.

Q. What time do I need to arrive?
A.  We recommend for games outside of Battlestrike sessions to arrive a minimum of 30 minutes prior to game time commencing so that we may have you registered, briefed and good to go on time.  Battlestrike sessions have larger numbers and we would therefore recommend arriving when doors open at 10am on Sunday so that we may have you good to go by 11am.

Airsoft Weapons

Q. What age do I have to be to purchase an Airsoft weapon?
A. You are legally required to be 16+ with a Firearms License or over 18 and a member of a recognised Airsoft club to own an Airsoft weapon.  Please treat them as if they are a real firearm.  They are not to be shown in public and must be concealed when transported.  Place them in the boot of the car when travelling or to the rear of the vehicle if travelling in a van.  Don't leave them in your vehicle overnight.  You are not only responsible for your own weapon but the future of the sport.

Q. Are automatic weapons available?
A. Since December 2013 the law relating to automatic Airsoft weapons changed permitting them to be imported.

Q. Can I bring in an Airsoft weapon?
A. As long as you are legally entitled to own a weapon you may apply with your local Police firearms officer for an import permit.  We would recommend doing this prior to purchasing the weapon as should you not have the permit Customs will not release it to you.  Please check our pre-order option as these items are available for us to import for you.  Should there be something you are after that is not on our site please email a copy of the link to for us to check if it available through our supplier.

Q. What would be a good starter weapon?
A. Everyone has their own style of gameplay.  Some people prefer to play only indoors others outdoors.  When deciding what type of weapon to purchase first figure out what your preference is.  Most standard players will settle for an assault rifle and the best way to determine what one to go for is to get some games under your belt first.  Check out what the experienced players are running with at Battlestrikes.  They're always willing to show off their weapons and give free advice.  Don't be in a rush to buy something on a wall and be careful purchasing 2nd hand items.  There's nothing worse than buying something you can't use or that won't fit the accessories you want to place on them later. 

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