The Armory offers wide range of airsoft gunsmithing services.

You can rely on us to deliver satisfying results everytime! Drop off your weapon or courier it to us.

Have a technical question about your Airsoft weapon? You are welcome to open a support ticket below.
We will do our best to help you out!

Our rates:

Assessment Fee
- $25
The Armory Members price - $25 per hour + 10% discount on parts installed during the repair
Non-members - $40 per hour + parts (normal charge)

Please refer to our Warranty & Refund Policy section for all warranty related information.

Payment is due within 7 days of completion of the job and the item is required to be collected within this period.
Should you be unable to call into The Armory please contact us to arrange shipping of the item to you at your cost.  The Armory Ltd accepts no responsibility for loss/theft or damage to items not collected within this period.
In the event of default by the customer in paying for the services and/or goods provided within 7 days of completion of the job, the amount outstanding may be passed on to a debt collection agency for recovery. The customer indemnifies The Armory Ltd against all costs , losses and expenses incurred by The Armory Ltd in recovering or attempting to recover any unpaid monies.

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