This Range is only for the use of Airsoft weapons.  These weapons fire 6mm plastic BB's. Bookings are essential as the venue may be booked for gaming or closed.

Range rates:

Target Shooting:
Casual/Member Rate:
$10 for 1 hour with your own weapon. (does not include target refer pricing below) 
Casual Pistol hire:
$30 Option 1) Target Shooting - learn basic skills to hold and sight your weapon then place them to the test firing at body size targets at distance.
$30 Option 2) IPSC - you've learnt the basics and you're ready to place your skills to the test.
Choose your option from one of the above.  All of these packages include the rental pistol, targets and ammunition.  Wanting to give this a go with a group?  Give us a call.

IPSC Action Air Shooting Monday night 7pm-10pm:
Member rate:
$10 with your own pistol

Casual rate:

$20 with your own pistol
Casual Pistol hire:
$30 includes ammo & gas for 1 run through all stages

Join our IPSC Action Air Club for a night of competitive shooting.  Speed, agility, accuracy all combined into one activity.  No need to organise a large group to head in and give this a go. Want to give it a go by yourself or with a group of friends?  Contact us for pricing.

Sighting Range (25 Metres/82 Feet):
Casual rates own weapon:
$10 per hour 
FREE when paid for gaming.
Other times - $10 for an hour or $20 Flat Rate for unlimited time between 10am and 10pm
Check your weapon's accuracy on our indoor sighting range.  No wind to affect it, no driving out to the middle of nowhere.  Head in and hear the sound when you're making the hits on the metal plates.

Please note: during the BattleStrike gaming due to large number of people wanting to use the Sighting Range you will have to re-enter the queue every 15 mins.  

Rifle Hire:
$25 for 1 hour (comes with 1 Large Silhouette Target and three loaded 450rd magazines)
Extra mag - $5
Use the Sighting or Target range and test your accuracy.

Large Silhouette target - $6
Small A4 Sighting target - $3
Small A4 Quick Draw targets - $2
Small A4 practice target - $2

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