We do not have to offer a refund if you have changed your mind.  Please choose carefully.  We will fulfill our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act and The Armory warranty if a product is found to be faulty.



The Armory Warranty is a return to base warranty and is applied differently on guns of different value. Please refer to the following:


Item Value - Warranty Period

up to $299 - 30 days

$300-$599 - 60 days

over $600 - 90 days


We guarantee that the products purchased at The Armory™ straight out of the box will meet the purpose they were made for and requirements set by the manufacturer. Please keep in mind that different guns made are for different purposes e.g. a high end PDW weapon will easily survive intense CQB gaming while lesser durability guns would fail. This is customer’s responsibility to discuss the purpose of the weapon with The Armory™ staff prior to the purchase to clarify whether it has been made to meet the purpose you are intending to use it for.


The Armory™ Warranty simply covers all external and internal parts to function properly as they are meant to straight out of the box (variations in performance are acceptable within reason such as difference in FPS).  Please note that common factors arising with items are not covered eg; loose hop-up fittings and loose magazine fit in the mag well etc.


The Armory™ Warranty also covers:


·        Any seals or O-rings in gas rifles and magazines;

·        Any manufacturing defects that are found to be an individual fault and are not a consistent defect within the same series of gun, including the following but not limited to; a jump in FPS, loose hop-up fittings, grouping of shots and loose magazine fit in the mag well etc.



According to Consumer Guarantee Act the faulty goods will be replaced, repaired or fully refunded at The Armory™ discretion.


The lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries have earned an excellent reputation for reliability when correctly used. Unfortunately because of the potential for damage to lithium polymer cells, no warranty is offered or implied with lithium polymer battery packs. If you have any questions at all about the responsible use of lithium polymer battery packs please do contact us. All batteries are checked prior to sending them out.


The Armory Optional Extended Warranty is available when purchasing a new product of a value lower than $600:



Cost to buy - $30 for additional 30 days up to a maximum of 90 days total (including Manufacturer’s Warranty period). Follow this LINK to purchase your Extended Warranty.

* Not available for products over $600



If the product clearly appears to have a manufacturing fault, but is outside the warranty period The Armory™ offers a FREE of CHARGE labor service for the period up to 6 months.


·        The customer bears the cost of the parts.

·        If the specific product has been addressed to The Armory™ with a fault during the period of warranty and returned with the same fault within 30 days of the expiry of the warranty, The Armory™ will treat such repair as under normal warranty.



On any service done by The Armory™ such as repair, upgrade or modification The Armory™ offers 30 days return to base labor warranty.


·        The Armory™ will bear all the repair costs including the cost of parts and labor.




The Customer shall bear all the transportation costs of delivering and returning the item between The Armory and the Customer.



The following will NOT void your warranty with The Armory™:


    Disassembly of the weapon (unless done incorrectly and directly caused the product to malfunction). We believe that weapon disassembly is part of an airsoft experience and feel that restricting our customers from doing this is inappropriate. The disassembly should be done in a correct way. If not sure please contact The Armory™ staff for advice;

·        Minor modifications of the gun such as installation of external accessories or exchanging stock parts (pistol grip, stock hand guards etc);

·        Changing the hop-up bucking rubber;

·        Disassembly of the weapon for the purpose of unjamming it;

·        Major modifications or upgrades if done by The Armory™ staff;



Please note that the listed above will not void the actual warranty of the gun, but if caused direct malfunction (e.g. changing the hop-up bucking rubber damaged the hop unit) will incur a normal repair charge (cost of labor and parts).



The following WILL void your normal The Armory™ warranty:


    Failure to follow manufacturer’s instructions causing major break down including the following but not limited to;(damaging the wires/connectors, blowing up the motor, opening the gear box, damaging the gears, incorrect charging of the battery box etc);

·        Misuse, abuse or inappropriate storage of the gun when it is exposed to sun or moisture;

·        Using inappropriate poor quality ammunition;

·        Using inappropriate battery.



Should your product(s) fail, your sole recourse shall be repair or replacement, as described in the preceding paragraphs. We will not be held liable to you or any other party for any damages that result from the failure of this product. Damages excluded comprise, but are not limited to, the following: any incidental or consequential damage done to other equipment or property, injury done to yourself or other person arising from the use, or inability to use this product.


In no event will The Armory™ Limited be liable for more that the amount of your purchase price, excluding shipping and handling charges.


The Armory™ Limited disclaims any other warranties, express or implied.


The Armory’s Boneyard consists of airsoft guns and accessories that can’t be sold as New due to issues such as semi-functional items, incomplete or non-functional items, or defective. Many of these items can be used for parts or as a fix up project! All of our Boneyard items are sold as-is, and we do not accept returns/exchanges/refunds on any of the items found in the Boneyard, as they are sold at ridiculously low prices.

By purchasing and using the product, the user accepts all terms described herein.







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