By checking the box you confirm you have read, understood and accept the following:
1. Solid full face protection must be worn at all times in the gaming fields and designated areas.
2. Upon returning to safe zones players must ensure that their guns are left in the gun racks or allocated areas on safe.  If magazines are provided these must be removed.
3. As soon as the call “EYES!” is given everyone is to repeat it loud and clear immediately.  All fire must be stopped at once until further notice by the game marshal and/or game referee.
4. Physical contact or verbal abuse is NOT permitted. Climbing on any obstacles (including walls, barrels, pallets, trees etc.) is NOT permitted.
5. The venue is smoke free and no smoking is permitted at all times.
6. All rental guns and gear that are the property of Xtreme Outdoors/The Armory or World Challenge Tag must remain on site at all times.
7. Customers guns must have an appropriate cover or carry case/bag when entering or leaving the premises.
8. Use of ammo other than that provided by Xtreme Outdoors/The Armory or World Challenge Tag is NOT permitted in rental guns.
9. All instructions of game marshal(s) or referee(s) must be followed in a timely manner.
10. No alcohol/drugs may be consumed by any player before or during gaming.
11. A repair or replacement fee will be charged if any equipment rental is broken, lost or unreturned. This fee is a MINIMUM of $100.
I understand and confirm that:
1. I have agreed to participate at Xtreme Outdoors/The Armory or World Challenge Tag games entirely at my own risk recognizing that there are hazards including but not limited to: used car tyres, empty barrels, rough pallets, trenches, trees, roots and ground that can become slippery in certain conditions.
2. I am fully aware of the risks to myself and others involved in participating in activities at Xtreme Outdoors/The Armory or World Challenge Tag.
3. Plastic BB’s or Paintballs fired from either Airsoft or Paintball guns can bruise and break skin.
4. I am physically fit and mentally able to take the strain and exertion involved in playing the game.
5. I will at all times comply with Xtreme Outdoors/The Armory or World Challenge Tags Safety and Gaming rules, wear the eye protection issued, use the equipment as instructed and not deliberately hurt or injure others.
6. I hereby release, remiss and forever discharge from any claims and liabilities whatsoever without limitation that I might have against Xtreme Outdoors/The Armory or World Challenge Tag, the staff and any other players in the game who might injure me during and between gaming.
7. Any accident or injury will be reported to the staff.
8. I have declared all relevant medical information or history that may affect me as I play, or may be needed in a medical emergency (i.e. insect sting allergy, asthma, diabetes etc.).
9. The game can be dangerous if not played in accordance with the stated rules which I have read above and understand.
10. By paying the entrance fee I accept this disclaimer form and agree that I fully understand the risks involved.
11. By completing my email details I agree to receive valuable information from Xtreme Outdoors/The Armory or World Challenge Tag.
12. Participation includes possible exposure to and illness from infectious diseases including but not limited to COVID-19. While particular rules and personal discipline may reduce this risk, I knowingly and freely assume all such risks related to illness and infectious diseases, such as COVID-19.

  Your privacy is very important to us and we do not share your information with any other companies. 

Parental Consent
(All Airsoft or Paintball players under the age of 16 yrs old, or 16-17 without a current NZ firearms license a parent or guardian
MUST accept the conditions of this disclaimer by submitting their information on the attendee registration form.)
Note: players 13 & under one parent for the group must remain on site during the game
No person(s) under the age of 13 years old can play High Impact Paintball or Airsoft on this site!