Adult Casual Battlestrike Gaming Fee

Adult Casual Battlestrike Gaming Fee

Please place your order first and then pay for your gaming fee. Quote the order number provided when depositing payment into our bank account.  Please ensure you complete the registration form below.  The booking reference for the Battlestrike session is the initials BS then the date of the Battlestrike eg. BS190720

This rate includes the gaming fee and rental of your mask/gun/gloves and 1200 rounds of ammunition for attendance at our open Battlestrike gaming session for a participant 16+ years of age.

If you wish overalls or camouflage clothing for your group please select the additional item and include it in your cart prior to completing your purchase.

Registration & Disclaimer 

All participants are required to Email before completing our online registration.
Please click on this link To fill out your registration form after being accepted by our admin team. If purchasing for more than 1 participant, copy and forward the link to additional participants with the Booking Ref# for their completion.

You will need to book in on Friday to be accepted into a Battlestrike session.