The Armory Lifetime Member 2 Hour Gaming Fee

The Armory Lifetime Member 2 Hour Gaming Fee

Please book 1st then purchase your gaming fee quoting the order number provided when depositing payment into our bank account.  You will be provided a Booking Ref# please note this in the comments section of the order.

This fee is only applicable to participants who have purchased the Lifetime Membership at The Armory and have their own Mask, Gun or Gloves.  Additional charges will be incurred for rental of any of the aforementioned.

Should you require additional items please include them in your cart prior to completing your purchase.

Registration & Disclaimer 

All participants are required to complete our online registration form providing information to assist in Contact Tracing and confirming acceptance of the Disclaimer.
Please click on this link and if purchasing for more than 1 participant copy and forward the link to additional participants with the Booking Ref# for their completion.

The purchase of the voucher and completion of the form are required no later than 2 days prior to attendance.